I create "hybrid paintings" on lightweight plastic comprised of cut out abstract elements inhabiting space. Points of entry physically engage and suggest new ways of seeing. Suspended from the ceiling and walls, this work combines the formal concerns of painting while extending into space like sculpture, thus their hybrid nature. These installations question what makes a painting and how the viewer interacts with it.

Jason Stopa writes about hybrid painting in the January 4, 2018 edition of the online art journal, Hyperallergic. "This very approach might have something to do with the influence of performance invading the space of painting, in which mark-making is liberated from the traditional formal unity that previous paintings occupy.… the funky, shaped, theatrical, baroque canvases of Elizabeth Murray and Frank Stella in the 1980s, …grappled with the architectural space of the gallery and the conventions of a rectangular support, merging both geometric and expressive tendencies into a multi-planar site”

Twist, turn, spin, leap – these words evoke the dance-like movements that inform the compositions. Expressing a physical experience of the world, they reach into the realm of both theater and child’s play. Referencing decorative elements and colors typical of mid-20th century women’s clothing, comic books, and street art, I use pattern, shadows and bold colors with sharply defined edges that suggest self-assertion. The use of simple and often ephemeral materials (paper and lightweight plastic) champions the handmade.