• Spring/Summer Exhibitions

    Spring/Summer Exhibitions

    Adria Arch: On Reflection, Brattleboro Museum and Art Center,
    March 18 - June 13, 2021

    In Adria Arch’s kinetic installation On Reflection, softly curved forms suspended from above tumble and swirl around one another. The perception of inside and outside, up and down, front and back constantly shifts as the sculptural components twirl in space. A soundscape adds another sensory input to Arch’s saturated colors, jaunty patterns, and reflective surfaces. As the sculpture gently undulates throughout the gallery, it creates an immersive experience both transporting and evocative, encouraging you to reach within and experience it with the unfettered wonder of a child.
    - Mara Williams, Chief Curator

    Artist talks to be scheduled. Check the Brattleboro Museum website for more info.
    Lost and Found is my full-room installation featured in the Danforth Art Museum's group exhibit, Wonderscapes, March 20 - September 12

    Using circles, organic forms, and undefined borders, five multi-media artists working across media create their own wonderscapes. They use the tactile nature of their materials to convey hazy, stream-of-consciousness, otherworldly dreamscapes based in reality but largely products of the mind. In focusing on elemental forms, each of these artists crafts their own narratives about time and space and the ways in which we visualize, cope, and move through our own “wonderscapes.”
    - Jessica Roscio, Director

    I'll be on site Saturday, May 8 from 2 to 5 pm.
    Murmuration, Boston Sculptors Gallery, March 31 to May 2

    This installation of boldly painted biomorphic shapes suspended from the ceiling and floating at eye level is an immersive work combining the formal concerns of painting with sculpture. The pieces hang closely, making passageways that invite exploration from various viewpoints. Expressing a physical experience of the world, Murmuration reaches into the realm of theatrical sets and playgrounds, inviting multi-sensory engagement.

    I'll be at the gallery on April 4, 11, and 17, 11 - 5 pm
    (Social distancing regulations will be in place)
    These shows will be on view in person! No receptions, but please join me for the small-group artist talks listed.