My work expresses my physical experience of the world, a kind of embodiment of movement and spatial relationships. I am always on the lookout for surprising shapes and colors, and prefer to begin with a spontaneous action. Many of my pieces start off with a poured pooling of acrylic paint that dries in a shape I could never predict. Recently, as in the piece above, I employ shapes and colors cut from older paintings. It is exciting to discover new relationships as I collage the pieces directly onto a fresh canvas. In a call and response painting process, I answer, sometimes changing or obliterating the initial starting point, but discovering new things about myself and the process each time.

My work ranges from small drawings/collages on paper to large scale paintings on canvas and aluminum. Color choice is important to me, and is derived from unexpected combinations that I’ve seen, maybe in travels or daily life, and those remembered from childhood - maroon rotary dial phones, lavender and teal Formica cabinets, black and white checkerboard floors.