I create nonrepresentational paintings expressing my kinesthetic experience of the world. Working in an intuitive tradition, I bring in the element of chance at the very beginning. The liquid spill, a pooling pour of paint, is the first mark that I employ to activate space. My dried paint puddles are up for interpretation. The spill becomes the spring board for what follows, as well as the central character in a dance. My work ranges from small drawings/collages on paper to large scale paintings on canvas and aluminum.

Color choice is of vital importance to me, and generally is derived from unexpected combinations that I’ve seen or remembered. I grew up in a home featuring the height of 1950s modernist decor. A deep red rotary dial telephone to match the deep red barstool cushions, had pride of place in my family’s kitchen that was tricked out in lavender and teal Formica cabinets and black and white checkerboard linoleum flooring. I am always searching for color combinations that almost harmonize, kind of like that kitchen of my childhood.