Adria Arch
In my recent series, I begin by pouring and pooling acrylic paint onto thin sheets of acetate, allowing the colors to disperse and blend naturally. When the puddles are dry, I cut out the most interesting shapes. These forms become central to my work, each takes on a personality. I respond to these characters with additional painting using flat, saturated colors and collage elements, challenging myself to create a story around each spill. I find glimpses of a figure or animal, yet as soon as I think I have discovered something recognizable, the work dissolves into abstraction.

Earlier work focuses on a vocabulary of shapes derived from found doodles, forms that could be geometric diagrams or pictographs from another civilization. They seem to represent a language that is both personal and universal. When the scale is enlarged, the doodles reveal eccentric edges that I find astonishingly beautiful, turning the insignificant into something that commands attention.

My practice includes public art. I work in collaboration with groups or individuals to create site-specific murals or installations.